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    In this blog, we’ll look at ways Hoteliers can capture the domestic tourism market with our tips and recommendations.



    The Tourism industry has faced many threats and challenges over the last 20 years and managed to survive. Examples include: SARS in 2003, The Indonesia Tsunami in 2004 and the Global Financial Meltdown in 2008.



    The Corona Virus Pandemic has been a “wake-up” call for most businesses all around the world. Earlier this year, nearly every country faced the same...



    After 2 months lockdown in Thailand, we’ve been fairly lucky to get our public health situation under control and are ready to emerge from isolation. Great news ...


    Covid 19 – Hotel Crisis Response & Plan

    The impacts of COVID-19 on the travel and hospitality industry will be Big.


    Welcome to 2020 - the New Decade

    We’d like to take the opportunity to wish you a very prosperous and safe New Year in 2020 and thank you for your support during 2019.


    The Channel Manager - Travel Trends, New Users, New Features & Services

    This blog is a follow up to my earlier writing in September 2019, about why your hotel needs a channel manager.


    Welcome to 2020 - the New Decade

    We’d like to take the opportunity to wish you a very prosperous and safe New Year in 2020 and thank you for your support during 2019.


    Interactive workshops.
    How to engage customers

    Hoteliers Guru recently launched a series of interactive educational workshops for hotel customers dealing with Channel Management, Direct Booking Engine and Property Management Systems.

    Hotel Price Intelligence

    Looking back 20 years ago, it wasn’t difficult for hotels to keep on top of their rate pricing strategy compared to today.

    The Hotel Contract Manager

    Hotel Contract Management is moving digital. Plenty of new services are being designed to streamline the way hotel contracting is done with 3rd party agents.

    Your Hotel Needs a Channel Manager - Here's Why

    Channel Management Systems have been around for about two decades, mainly for hotels to improve their daily routine of managing Room Rate Inventory with 3rd party online agents.

    Does your hotel need a blog ?

    A blog is a “weblog” or journal with information about something that’s topical or important to you or those around you that you want to share. Blogs are journal writings or recordings, intended to broadcast to a wider audience, in a time format with latest posts showing first.

    Vacation rental website - Which is The Best Option

    If you’ve already done your research about how to run a vacation rental, invested in the right furniture and amenities and have plan for cleaning and guest support. … Now, it’s time to consider how get bookings?

    The essential tool for vacation rentals

    Most Vacation Rentals are managed by their owners or have a Property Management Company take care of listings.

    Vacation Rentals Vs Hotels

    Before the Internet empowered the world – Vacation Rentals were a family cottage industry. Change began with a website called VRBO in 1996. HomeAway acquired the business in 2006, and not long after Expedia swallowed it up , paying $3.9 billion.

    Thailand Tourism – New Frontiers

    In the 20 years since the new millennium, Thailand’s tourism industry has continued to grow.

    PMS Solution for The Modern Age

    The hotel front desk is often thought of as the focal point of hotel operations.

    Digital Marketing : Websites Vs Social Media

    Hoteliers often discuss what’s the best place to invest, when developing their marketing and brand presence.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Search engines serve millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions, and especially solutions to their problems.

    Meta Search for Hotels: Marketing Tool or Distribution Channel ?

    Before giving definition to meta-search, its useful to understand how the typical search process works

    Block chains – future of loyalty programs ?

    Loyalty programs are popular and exist throughout most service industries including: retail, banking, travel, hospitality, e-commerce etc...

    Social Media - The Facebook Booking Engine

    Mark Zuckerberg recently announced users number about 2 billion worldwide, spending roughly an hour a day on a combination of application including as Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

    Common Mistakes of Hotel Revenue Management

    Hotel managers understand that being successful is about maintaining a good relationship with guests, whist driving home a steady profitable revenue stream.

    Hotel Digital Marketing

    Technological Innovation and product evolution are the driving forces changing the way people plan their travel journeys.

    Direct Hotel Bookings

    In today’s digital economy, it’s never been easier to develop a website to showcase and market a hotel.

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