Technology Partnership

Calling On-line Travel Agents (OTA), Wholesale Operators and Travel Agents world wide. If you’re interested in business development opportunities within the Thai Hospitality market, consider a technology partnership with Hoteliers Guru.

Right now you can easily broaden your Source Markets by synchronizing the information from your proprietary booking system (Xtra Net) with the Hoteliers Guru Hotel Channel Manager.

Your collaboration will allow us to share information about your Agency to our client portfolio of more than 700 hotels, resorts, B&B’s Guesthouses and hostels throughout Thailand. This can be a valuable opportunity in targeting the distribution supply base in one of the most lucrative and established tourism travel markets in South East Asia.

By creating transparent open access to Source Markets locally in Thailand, we can help Buyers in remote locations connect easily with Sellers to foster better communication and collaboration between partners.

Get in touch with us today and find our how we can promote your agency with our Client Portfolios’


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