Intelligent Hotelier Cloud PMS

The Intelligent Hotelier Cloud PMS mobility solution gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage all your hotel’s front and back office operations for a fraction of the cost of traditional Property Management Systems. We’ve designed the system to automate many of the repetitive and unproductive tasks common with the front and back office saving precious time whilst making it easily accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Why Intelligent Hotelier Cloud PMS ?

Beyond checking guests, processing payments, accessing housekeeping and financial reports, the system can be integrated across different platforms allowing you to push availability to your direct booking engine and channel manager to ensure fast efficient up-dating of room rate information. The scalability features we offer provide full control of your hotel’s operation including marketing and sales to minimize running costs through one integrated platform - our Intelligent Hotelier Cloud PMS solution. Ask us more about our Convergence Strategy … which allows you to break free from stand-alone systems, combining three services : including Property Management System, Channel Manager and Direct Booking Engine, giving you full access and control of your digital ecosystem.

Fast and efficient operations

We all know Time is money ! Our Intelligent Hotelier Cloud PMS solutions will Improve your hotels productivity and time management by minimising the extra paperwork and overhead, not to mention billing discrepancies due to miscommunication and human error. Through automation much of the recurring tasks and city ledger transactions common to Front Office operations are eliminated. More importantly… by integrating your PMS with your Channel Manager, bookings from any of your partner agents or your own Direct Booking Engine automatically get sent to the Cloud PMS, updating room availably and saving precious time.

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All-in-one solution

The Intelligent Hotelier Cloud PMS offers a 3 in 1 convergence solution that allows you to break free from stand-alone PMS systems. By combining the Property Management System, Channel Manager and Direct Booking Engine, we help you leverage your strengths giving you full access and control of financial, distribution and marketing ecosystems.

Increase revenue

Better revenue performance doesn’t just happen … it happens as a result of operational efficiencies and effective timekeeping. Both are the key to maximising performance and the Intelligent Hotelier Cloud PMS offers a two fold increase in revenue performance. The first - by driving better operational efficiencies to lower costs whilst providing better in-house experiences for guests. The second - by using the unproductive time gained through operational efficiencies to drive better marketing and sales strategies for the hotel. Moreover, the management tools we provide offer reporting information that lets you to track key performance indicators, so you can make data-driven decisions which help identify trends, strengths, and opportunities.

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One System, Always In-Sync

Property Management System

Setup your property's rooms and rateplans, and manage reservations easily. Generate reports as required.

Channel Manager

Inventory changes are instantly handeled as they happen, and synced in a fraction of a second to all your connected travel agents and distrubution channels world wide. Receive reservations from all channels directly into the PMS.

Booking Engine

Integrate your own website with the Booking Engine, and you have always up to date inventory bookable online, as rooms / rates are available in the PMS.

Bulk Update

How many times a day do you assign rooms, perform check in’s and take care of other room rate inventory tasks ? What if all this could be done in seconds rather then minutes ? The Intelligent Hotelier Cloud PMS Solution provides intuitive calendar planners and other tools that allow you to schedule bulk updates - whether for simple or complex room allocation changes across all your room and rate categories in an instant .

bulk update

Property management system features include

Calendar to manage availability, bookings, rates and rooms

Quick check in and check out function

Housekeeping component for the dashboard

Add extra´s to bookings

Invoicing and taxes

Flexible rate and discount options

Payment processing

Group booking function

Guest profiles and guest database

Fully customizable guest registration form

Wide range of standard reports or custom reports

Diary and notes function

Sell rooms in different layouts or constallations

Anywhere from and device. No software installation

Multiple users with full access for limited roles

Api to integrate with external systems

Secured with SSL technology and regular backups

Fully integrated with Online Booking system and Channel Manager

Intelligent Hotelier Cloud PMS

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