Hotel Contracting Made Easy - Learn about The New Contract Manager


Hotel Contacting with 3rd party agents is becoming easier as electronic documents replace hard copy paper. To be sure, Electronic Contracts are not an entirely new concept. Documents prepared on a PC or Smartphone, sent by email or accessible through a weblink with an electronic signature is for all intents and purposes an electronic document. Indeed, many hotels already use soft-copy contracts like this with their suppliers and 3rd party agents.

The Contract Manager is different from a traditional soft-copy electronic document because it can convert some to the information into data which you can use to synchronize across to other applications. Being able to extract data for use in other platforms makes the document powerful and dynamic. For example, take Room / Rate allotments which the hotel signed with one agent, and synchronize it directly into the hotel channel manager – and your inventory management just got easier.

Because information from the Contract Manager is kept in the Cloud, it’s possible to restrict access to sensitive information. The Contract Manager offers better security for hotels with a login feature which can be set to a hierarchical structure to protect the hotels sensitive agent data.

Hoteliers Guru Contract Manager is designed to help streamline the formalities of signing up new agents and managing existing ones, as well as limit your exposure to human error and data manipulation.


Easily draft a new contract directly from your Smartphone or PC. The Hotel Contract Manager lets you do this and upload the information to the Cloud so you can send it by email attachment or make it accessible from a weblink.

When you want to issue a new contact, log into the Contract Manager’s Cloud address.

Choose to setup a new contract with mix and match terms. You can choose to mix and match terms from the list of options you created when you set up the Contract Manager. Because you created a different set of terms for each market you deal with (for example) – the contact manager allows you to Tailor the contract depending on the agent you're dealing with. One of the best things about the Contract Manager is the information used in striking up the deal with your agent is stored in a virtual folder in the Cloud, which can be accessed from anywhere.

It’s easy to see why digital contracting, like this will soon end the use of paper documents. Not only will it eliminate paper trails and make filing less of a hassle but it should make it much easier to share agent contracting information across different teams in a more collaborative environment.

Digital contracting will change the way hoteliers write, send and manage their contracting relationship with agents. The Contract Manager bridges the gap between agent contracting and channel management, whilst acting as a backstop to human error.


  • Immutability: Paper contracts are vulnerable to change, and can be altered making the binding terms irrelevant mainly for deceptive purposes without being known to the issuer;
  • Storage: Paper contract documents create masses of paperwork not to mention filing and storage headaches;
  • Human Fallibility: The handling of paper documents can lead to them to being lost or misplaced or filed incorrectly;
  • Collaboration: Paper documents are not easily shared and don’t help collaboration between departments;
  • Scalability: Information from paper documents cannot be electronically manipulated and need to be synchronized manually with the systems to which they apply.
  • Manipulation: Mix and match of information is problematic when preparing paper contacts and difficult to change or amend once published.


The Contract Manager will make it possible for users to build a database of contractual information that’s kept in the Cloud.

Having information in a library (or repository) accessible from anywhere, provides users the flexibility to quickly get pertinent information to mix and match terms according to whatever circumstance and whichever the agent.


The Hotel Contract Manager will empower its users. As a tool you’ll be able to quickly create an electronic document from anywhere with an internet connection. By synchronizing data – like rates and allotments directly with the hotel channel manager, Hoteliers Guru has made it easier for hoteliers to manage the entire contracting process.


Removing much of the friction that goes with issuing contracts takes the formality of issuing contracts to another level. By putting data in the cloud, we’ve made the contracting formality more user friendly and accessible from anywhere. Electronic contracting will remove much of the legacy administrative and paperwork that’s common to contracting, not to mention any human error vulnerabilities.


Using either “Adobe Sign” or “DocuSign” ensures the contractual seal and verification.

Both applications provide a simple but legally binding “seal” and the following advantages:

  • Convenience - use templates to create contracts, then sign and send;
  • Mobility - have access on any device, anywhere, anytime;
  • Trust - accepted and trusted by millions, worldwide

Minimize Waste:
Electronic contracts eliminate waste and save costs – in the following ways:

  • Paperwork;
  • Printing;
  • Repairs Bills;
  • Electricity;
  • Postage;
  • Filing & Storage Efficiencies.

Simplified Workflow:
Being the central repository of information, the Contract Manager stores data about your hotel contracting in one place, making it easier to draw up and create new templates quickly and easily.

With the Contact Manager, you can create, as well as mix and match templates, and apply these multiple times for hundreds of customers.

The Contact Manager is backward compatible with the Channel Manager, meaning that data is synchronized between both platforms instantaneously.

The Contract Manager enables sales teams to collaborate more freely by having information electronically kept in one place for better accessibility.

Integrating the Contract Manager with the Channel Manager, lets the Sales Team collaborate more effectively with the Front Office about the daily changes to Rate / Room Inventory management and Reporting.


The Contract Manager will open up new ways of taking control of the contracting formalities hotels have with 3rd Party Agents.

The Contract Manager will streamline preparing, issuing and managing contracts by keeping the data and information about agents in the Cloud. Hotel staff will be able to get information about their agents easily from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Teams will be able to collaborate with each other in new ways with data being restrictive or accessible based on a hierarchy structure thereby minimizing the chances of human error vulnerabilities.

Synchronizing the Contract Manager with the Hotel’s Channel Manager will allow hoteliers to move towards a more complete hotel contracting and distribution ecosystem, eliminating some of the unnecessary layers of administration and paperwork in dealing with 3rd party agents.