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Resolve your missing room types today.

How to resolve a missing room type

Missing room types can occur due to an error in mapping or an incomplete configuration. Ensure you are providing all possible room types on Expedia Group for optimal traveler experience.

You can review and manage room type mapping and configurations for Expedia Group directly from Hoteliers Guru Channel Manager

How it works

  • In Hoteliers Guru Channel Manager, review the room types you have created and mapped to Expedia channel.
  • Add missing room type(s) and rate plans
    • Reminder: you can create these in Expedia Partner Central or via Hoteliers Guru Channel Manager if Product API is supported.
  • Ensure all room types are mapped & rates and availability are connected and actively being sent to Expedia Group channel.

Get started

Log in to Hoteliers Guru Channel Manager to resolve missing room types for Expedia Group travelers today!