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Hoteliers.Guru recently completed its channel manager integration with Trip Affiliates

TA network is a B2B travel technology company providing solutions to hoteliers and travel operators such as destination marketing companies, travel management companies & wholesalers

Headquartered in Singapore, TA Network's operations extend to over 12 nations. We bring together global, regional and local travel partners on a singular consolidated platform to collaborate more effectively with the key objective of raising their direct business volume via cross-selling. The TA Network platform is designed to leverage technology solutions adopted by hotels and wholesale operators to facilitate their direct connectivity and automate business and inventory management processes.

TA Network's success lies in its dedication to customer value, direct supplier contracting, real-time connections, and improved inventory management. Not only can hotels and offline travel companies be able to eliminate potential human errors with static hotel contracts, but our partners will also be better positioned to deploy staff to more productive endeavors.

TA also partners with travel operators in providing turnkey solutions for their travel operations to automate the business processes and partner with them on their digital transformation journey.

Hoteliers who are interested in signing up to the Trip Affiliates Network.
Can please get in touch with K. Joy at the email address

[email protected]