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Hoteliers.Guru recently completed its channel manager integration with Ascend Travel

Ascend Travel established in Thailand in September 2016. The Vision is to become the largest online business travel platform across Southeast Asia for travel, booking accommodation, car rentals, airfares and MICE.

With Ascend Travel, customers are able to complete and customise their itinerary according to business and private purposes.

Ascend Travel offers a one-stop service, which allows for bookings from anywhere with instant confirmation, as well as an extensive inventory of travel options, and a cost control feature to reduce expenses.

Customers can access an “intelligence dashboard” that helps monitor their travel arrangements, as well as having access to 24/7 customer service. Ascend Travel provides a flexible payment system for direct billing for company business trips or credit card payments for personal trips, and tax receipts issued in Thailand for corporate tax deductions.

Highlights include:

  • Technology : Booking from anywhere with instant confirm
  • One Stop Services: Extensive inventory travel options
  • Cost Control : Reducing lower business travel costs
  • Intelligence Dashboard : Cost control with smart dashboard
  • Support : Our customer service 24 hrs. / 7 days
  • Payment system: Direct billing to company or credit card

Hoteliers who are interested in signing up to the Ascend Travel Network. pls email K Apichai, Head of Market Intelligence

[email protected] +66816196499